When the well runs dry

True Story:  When the well runs dry? WDTN News reported last week that a community of residents in rural Ohio are all suffering from dry wells.   Even though this occurred in “Bath” Township, residents there cannot take a bath; nor can they do their laundry, cook or...

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Why does my water have a “taste”?

Pure water has no taste. It is not uncommon for clients to tell us their water tastes sweet or metallic or they have concerns about their family drinking well water. Truth be told, pure water has no taste, but water can obtain tastes from any substances it comes into...

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What’s the deal with well pumps?

Ever wonder what kind of a pump is bringing water from your well to the kitchen sink? If the pump went bad, what would it cost to replace it? Would you know where to get started with replacement? How about water pressure? How much is enough and what pumps do a better...

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Are New Wells More Reliable?

If you’ve got a new well on your property, it’s easy to think you are set for a good long while. But are new wells more reliable than older wells? Actually, no. When digging a new well, the rock formations which provides water bearing aquifers are fractured and...

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The Birth of WelGard

Necessity is the mother of of invention. Once upon a time on the 4th of July, a guest at a weekend party in Maryland was “startled” to see that the toilet wouldn’t flush. He then tried to turn on a water faucet ………..and nothing happened. There was no water anywhere in...

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