Water is often thought to be an endless natural resource. Yet, thousands of Americans living on well water find themselves without access to safe, clean water each day because of unexpected complications with their well.

Well Guardian is your protection against the unexpected and your promise of fresh,
clean, safe water for your family.
Well Guardian's WelGard Protection Plan takes the worry out of owning a well.

Do you own a home and want peace of mind?  Purchase a WelGard® Protection Plan and rest easy knowing you are protected from the high costs of a well failure.

Interested in buying a home with a well, but not sure about its current status? Well Guardian will perform an inspection and water quality test.

Trying to sell your home?  Purchase a WelGard® Protection Plan that can be transferred to the new owner providing them peace of mind.

Realtors, let Well Guardian get you to settlement faster.

Dozens of parts, with unnoticeable changes in geology, cause thousands of well failures each year.. 

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Well Guardian Corporation
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Phone: (410) 630-6900 Website: www.wellguardian.us

We are proud of our outstanding service to our customers.  Here are just a few of our satisfied customers.  Check out our Media page or our Facebook page for more testimonials:

  • "Nice working with this company.  I’m in year three of their service for our investment property and they have been great."  - Kevin C.
  • "I've been a customer for over 6 years and totally believe in the product and service. I would recommend Well Guardian to anyone with a well. " - Carol A.
  • "I've been with WelGard since 2003 and am very satisfied with the timely service provided by them. The yearly water inspections are done in less than 30 minutes and the results obtained within a few days. The well pump was replaced in 2008 and then a leak was repaired at the well head several years later....  I highly recommend them for well water repairs." -  John M.
  • "We sold a home on a well 5 years ago and purchased a WellGuardian protection plan before we listed. Turned out the buyer was not familiar with wells and would have been concerned about a well if it were not for the Well Guardian coverage in place. Made the sale!" - Bill F.

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