It’s not a matter of IF your well will fail, it’s WHEN


What is a Welgard® Warranty?

The WelGard® Protection Plan covers your entire well system from your well’s pressure tank to the bottom of the well.

Why Do I Need a Welgard® Warranty?

Over the lifetime of a well system, it is a fact that sometime that system will fail. Repairing or replacing a well can cost $15k or more. WelGard® is your protection against the hassle and potentially huge expense associated with well failureand your promise of an abundant water supply for your family.

 WelGard® is Maryland’s oldest and most trusted provider of comprehensive well warranty protection. Our knowledgeable experts are one phone call away from timely and complete well system maintenance and repair. 

Your home is likely to be the most important investment that you will make during your lifetime. Protect one of the most expensive and complex systems in your home against failure with our WelGard® Protection Plan. Over 90% of homeowners who have our WelGard® Protection Plan renew year after year for a little over a dollar a day! We take the worry out of owning a well!