Depend On A Well Water?

Well, You Need A Warranty.

Don’t Let Well Problems Catch You Off Guard

It’s not a matter of if your well will fail, it’s a matter of when. Make it easy on your future self. ONE call and the problem is resolved. READ ON.

If You Own A Well,

You Need A Well Warranty.

It’s not IF Your Well Will Fail, It’s WHEN

What’s a WelGard® Warranty?

Protection for your water system, well worth it.
WelGard® provides a warranty for residential water wells, from the bottom of the well to the pressure tank in the basement. Set yourself up for no-hassle back-to-normal the next time it’s “Ack! No water!”  We answer the call when ANYTHING goes wrong, responding to you within hours, one day at the very most. We speedily repair or replace any components. Plus, we foot the bill for parts and labor, including the drilling of up to 2970’ of new well holes.

For Homeowners

While we can’t remove ALL the worry and stress from homeownership, having WelGard® in your corner does help. It’s the promise that you are in good hands when things go wrong with your well system. We’ll fix it — and fix it fast. WelGard® Water Warranty delivers peace of mind for virtually every faucet — oops!, we mean facet — of owning a well.

For Realtors

Your clients are in love. Their dream house checks off just about every box on the list. But owning a well makes them nervous. For many homeowners, this is the first time they have encountered a well. For others, it’s a big thing to have go wrong. Put their worries at ease with a WelGard® well warranty.

For Industry Partners

Home Inspectors make every assurance that the home is safe and move-in ready and the Loan Officers and Title Companies make it all happen. Our real estate partners stand tall amongst their colleagues when they gift their clients a WelGard® 6 Month Warranty. If you love customer service as much as we do.
WelGard Customer – Tyson G.


WelGard was there for us in our time of emergency. Our water pressure was low, our casing had failed and there was settlement in our water. WelGard responded right away and took care of everything. We are grateful to have them.

WelGard Customer – Albert E.


I can't imagine how this experience could be improved. Extremely satisfied, everything was resolved even better than I had expected. The [Runyon] WelGard folks sent out to do the work did an excellent job and were easy to work with. Thanks.

WelGard Customer- Joe & Eileen K.


When I came home from work and found NO WATER Friday evening at 5 PM…. I was amazed that just one call to WelGard® got an incredibly fast response. Within 90 minutes, my water was restored.

Realtors - Special Offer

50% off an annual plan for your clients

Well Water Testing

WelGard® Protection offers testing, inspections, potability, and yield. Call (866) 935-4273.

Well Water Warranty Service Areas