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We’re well guys. We service, repair, and dig wells. It’s our job to show up — and fast — to bring our clients back to normal, usually within hours of being notified.

We’re successful entrepreneurs who have always taken an old-school approach to service. We’re proud of our white glove service and beyond-the-call-of-duty way of conducting business. Our friends and family know that they can always count on us to mean what we say and say what we mean. We’re working every day to continue to build our reputation as the company that answers the call in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Vermont — any time, day or night.



It’s easy to see why Gary has so many loyal friends who know they can rely on him. His affable manner and good natured sensibility immediately puts you at ease. The best part about Gary, however, is his determination to continue to build a great company, and one he can be proud of. That means he is likely to be the one who answers the phone whenever his clients are in crisis (he can’t sleep until they are back up and running). The pursuit of adding great value to people’s lives is his first priority, all day, every day.

Read more about Gary’s professional experience, business acumen, and industry connections on LinkedIn. Or, just send a note and say “hi.”


Phil is an idea man – his wheels are always turning, always thinking about how to improve the customer experience for WelGard®. He wants to let the world know what an awesome and affordable service WelGard® warranty protection provides to homeowners, home inspectors, real estate agents, loan officers, and just about anyone else invested in helping people make smart buying decisions about their home. Add to that Phil’s truly unique grasp of numbers, models, and metrics and you’ve got someone who is always mindful of getting our clients the most bang for their buck.

Read more about Phil’s professional experience, business acumen, and industry connections on LinkedIn. Or, just send a note and say “hi.”


When you’ve spent the lion’s share of your sales career with boots-on-the-ground building a mom-and-pop outfit that grew to epic proportions — with Gusto! — you know what it means to develop mutually-beneficial and sustainable relationships. (Spoiler alert, it’s Amy’s!) Al is pragmatic, but he’s anything but boring. His passion for building a business from the ground up means leaving no detail unpolished and a flair for creative ideas. This stand-up guy makes sure that every contract is a win-win for everybody. Count on Al to make sure systems are in place to insure smooth-sailing on all operations.

Read more about Al’s professional experience, business acumen, and industry connections on LinkedIn. Or, just send a note and say “hi.”


Heeth joins the team with a strong background as an entrepreneur  producing/publishing video and written content.  As our librarian, curator, and custodian of our “intellectual property”,  Heeth brings his curiosity and problem-solving skills to bear, insisting that our external-facing messaging is focused and robust. He is the quintessential “word-smith” who usually has a better way to say it, whether in a blog, social media, on in our printed material.  You can check him out on Linkedin or just drop him a line and say HI!


Shannon brings years of creativity and endless perseverance to both process design and technology projects for WelGard®.  And for a growing company like ours, these skills are like gold!  So while you may never speak with Shannon, she shares our focus on making owning a well easy, and focuses on solving all problems in which she is involved.  Shannon is most pleased with developing an improved process that results in a seamless and remarkable Member Experience.  She is known to frequently say “It should just look easy!”

 Read more about Shannon’s professional experience, business skills, and industry connections on LinkedIn. Or, just send a note and say “hi.”


Lisa MarianelliLisa

Lisa is a great combination of organizational skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and business creativity. Before joining WelGard®, Lisa split her time between running her own business and supporting administrative responsibilities for several organizations, both commercial and charitable.

She is equally comfortable on the phone with a member, working a spreadsheet, and making suggestions for improvements.  We enjoy Lisa’s organizational skills and creativity as our Manager of Administration, which basically means she keeps the rest of us “inline“ while moving, changing, and enhancing our processes as a growing organization serving WelGard® members in many (and a growing number of) states.

Read more about Lisa’s experience and skills on LinkedIn, or just drop her a note to say “WellCome”!


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