The “Summary of WelGard® Protection” (per the Agreement)

WelGard® Protection Plan Membership: Includes the repair or replacement of (a.) a well yielding less than 1 gallon per minute (drilling a new well), (b.) all well components up to and including the pressure tank, including replacement of a defective well cap, water and electric line from the well to the house, well pump and connections, valves, fittings and adapters as determined by Well Guardian Corporation (WGC). At the discretion and direction of WGC, this Protection may not be effective until after the successful completion of well testing and inspection, including a visual inspection of the well system components described in (b.) above, testing of the functioning of the pump and tank, and a flow/yield test.  If selected (optionally by Member), WGC will arrange for water safety testing including bacterial analysis, Nitrates, pH, and turbidity.   Call-in orders for these services are accepted and scheduled promptly based on the options selected.  Surcharges for deep well and Constant Pressure Equipment will apply retroactively to the start date if, in servicing your well, WGC determines such charges are applicable.