Well Water Warranty Services for Realtors

WelGard® + Your Client = Perfect Match

Offer Peace of Mind to Your Prospective Buyers

Realtors – You can now get three Months of coverage FOR FREE*!

Protect yourself and your clients

*Available with a successful well inspection/yield test and the purchase of 6 months of WelGard® Protection. Eligible after the purchase of 5 WelGard plans. Pay as late as settlement!

We’ve all heard it, the stress in your client’s voice, the doubts subtly expressed that there is even a chance that the well won’t pass inspection, and no one will know how to fix it.

And what’s the cost of replacing or fixing it? How does the new homeowner maintain the well?

The boxes are packed, the movers are hired, the settlement is nearing, but no one can move forward and the sale may be in trouble.

Have you experienced the buyer’s and seller’s anxiety of marketing a home with a well? Surveys show that 76% of potential residential buyers cited an on-site well as the primary reason for walking away from their contracts.

Get a competitive edge with the oldest and most trusted provider of well warranties -The WelGard® Protection Plan. An invaluable resource to realtors everywhere, and comfort for well owners everywhere.  Want more details on all of the benefits?  Click HERE


Share your knowledge, and create real loyalty from your clients so you are remembered and referred! Be a trusted real estate advisor!

 Homeowners insurance and standard home warranties don’t provide the comprehensive well protection of WelGard® Protection Plan, which covers the entire well system with no-cost repairs. ZERO $ OUT OF POCKET.

Realtors always use this gift as a meaningful and enduring gesture to help build more solid relationships with clients, as well as grow confidence or calm nerves about the well. It also affords the realtor, the buyers, and the seller’s peace-of-mind every day, when there is a well failure after settlement.

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