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Realtors May Offer Six Months of coverage FOR FREE*!

*Effective June 1st, 2021, 6 months free is available with a successful WelGard well inspection/yield test and purchase of 6 months of WelGard Protection. 

We’ve all heard it, the stress in your client’s voice when there is even a shadow of a doubt that the well won’t pass inspection. The boxes are packed, the movers are hired, the settlement is scheduled, but no one can move forward.

Seasoned realtors like yourself know the difficulties of selling a home with a well: 76% of potential residential buyers cited an on-site well as the primary reason for walking away from their contracts.

Get a competitive edge with the oldest and most trusted provider of well warranties: The WelGard® Protection Plan. An invaluable resource to realtors across the region.

Create real loyalty from your clients so you can be remembered — and referred!

We offer our realtor partners the FREE gift of 6 months of WelGard® Protection Plan for their buyers. By offering this FREE 6 months of coverage to your buyers, you are protecting your clients as well as securing yourself as a trusted real estate advisor.    

Homeowners insurance and standard home warranties do not provide the comprehensive well protection of WelGard® Protection Plan, which covers the entire well system from the internal plumbing system to the bottom of the well at no cost to the homeowner.

Realtors have used this gift as a helpful gesture to help build more solid relationships with clients, as well as grow confidence or settle nerves about the well. It also affords the realtor, the buyers and the sellers peace-of-mind if there is a well failure after settlement.

You cannot get the powerful WelGard® Protection Plan anywhere else.

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The WelGard® Protection Plan

The WelGard® Protection Plan Services Provide:

  • Complete protection of well system from the exit of the pressure tank to bottom of well
  • Repair or replacement of a well yielding less than 1 gallon of water per minute. We will drill new wells – up to 10 holes or 2,970 feet (Surcharge applies for wells > 500 feet deep)
  • Well pump and connections, valves, fittings, and adaptors
  • Laterals, including well cap, water and electric line from well to house, well cap, pressure gauges
  • Pressure tank
  • As an  option, annual well system inspection and certified water testing for a fee of $199

WelGard® reserves the right to require a well inspection before WelGard® is effective. The WelGard® Protection Plan may be subject to a 30-day waiting period before your membership is effective.




Got clients dreaming about a home with a residential well? No problem. Set their mind at ease with an inspection and potability testing. 

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WelGard® Protection, even on the weekends.

Test Sunday - Know Monday. Inspections, potability, and yield. Call (410) 630-6900.


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