The WelGard® Protection Plan

Infographic of well components

Other Home Water Services

The WelGard® Protection Plan

Well Guardian Corporation also provides:

Well inspection and well testing services with professional reporting – FAST turnaround with an honest evaluation of the entire well system

All types of well repairs – well pump replacement (both jet pumps and submersible pumps, pressure tank replacement, and well repairs of the dozens of parts in between

Diagnostic/troubleshooting of your well water system

Assessment and installation of constant pressure pumps

Repair of cracked or damaged well casing, above or below grade

Well Chlorination – recommended by most governmental units

Routine maintenance of your well system – recommended by most governmental units

Periodic and thorough water testing services – recommended by most governmental units

Water treatment analysis and services –

Sediment Filters

Water Softeners

Acid Neutralizers

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Iron, Nitrate and other chemical remediation

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Aesthetic quality water assessment and remediation

Installation of Ultraviolet Light equipment to eliminate E-Coli and Coliform bacteria


Got clients dreaming about a home with a residential well? No problem. Set their mind at ease with an inspection and potability testing. 

NEW! Weekend Service


WelGard® Protection, even on the weekends.

Test Sunday - Know Monday. Inspections, potability, and yield. Call (410) 630-6900.