The WelGard® Protection Plan


As professionals in this line of business since 2002, we have an extensive team to complete services that no homeowner on his own can hope for.  These are real stories with the typical “WelGard Magic” response to members in crisis.  For example:

Case Study 1

WelGard® response saves the day (and weekend)

One hot, humid Friday evening in Forest Hill, Maryland, during the summer of 2005, a WelGard member arrived home from work at 6 PM only to discover that he had no water. He said “I wasn’t thirsty until I realized I couldn’t even have a glass of water!

He called WelGard® immediately for service, while pondering arrangements to stay somewhere other than his own house for the weekend; he assumed that his well could not be fixed until Monday, based on his prior experiences.  Within an hour of his call, WelGard had a team member to his home.  WelGard fixed his problem and restored this Member’s water, assuring  him the weekend that he was sure was lost.  And yes, it saved the Member the $1,500 cost of repair.


no well water

Case Study 2

Why being prepared paid off for this WelGard® Member.

A realtor studied carefully the WelGard Protection Plan

for his clients, who purchased a house in July 2017.  He particularly focused on the   WelGard claims/repairs processes, the timing of repairs, and what was covered.  After several discussions with WelGard®, he was satisfied that he understood the Plan, and purchased WelGard for his real estate clients.    On January 3rd, 2018, the client (now homeowner) called WelGard to report that he was out of water.  The same day diagnosis indicated that (a) the pump had failed, and (b) the well had collapsed, making removal and replacement of the pump impossible.  A new well was required.

We arranged drilling within a week, through access to an immediately available drilling rig/master well driller, and emergency application to the County for a replacement well permit.  Everyone made this move quickly and we met with the County health official who helped site the well, and drilling commenced.  Drilling a 600’ well, this WelGard Member was the proud owner of a new well producing 4 gallons per minute – a well better than the one that collapsed.  Not only was the member amazed at our speed, but he could not believe that he didn’t spend a nickel for any service, including a new well costing $15,000.  Not surprisingly, he remains a WelGard Member today, even though it’s years later.

Case Study 3

It can happen to you.  Anyplace, Anytime

A distraught, recently enrolled Member in Freeland MD called WelGard at 10:15 AM on New Year’s Day – January 1, 2019, clearly frazzled when she woke to find she had no water.  Plans had been made for a family get-together later that day,  and she blurted out that “obviously” these plans would need to change.  Well, WelGard leaped into action with our typical problem-solving focus, securing same day (New Year’s Day) services. We had our service team at the Member’s house less than 2 hours later, and they were back in water before 1 PM.  Family plans were rescued and the member did not have to spend a nickel for this $2,500 repair.

Did my well go dry?

Case Study 4


A Member called us at 5:30 PM on a Friday evening in February, anxious that he suddenly had no water, We immediately focused on resolving his problem, and selected our team particularly because they had drilled the wells in this community. When the technician diagnosed the problem that same evening, he quickly realized that fixing the well was not going to work as usual. “Why” you ask? 


Because the location of the wellhead was only accessible through a few neighbors’ yards.  So, at 2:00 AM on Saturday, we decided to return the next day to get permission from a neighbor and to make the repairs.   Since our Member was out of water, we arranged a temporary water supply for his family until repairs were complete.

After several failed attempts, we finally found a “Good Samaritan” late Monday afternoon who gave us access to our Member’s well. After providing the neighbor with many assurances, we immediately positioned our service truck as needed to replace the needed parts.  By 10:00 PM on Monday, our member was back in water again, and life returned to “normal”.

Some might say that this was “beyond the call of duty”—immediate response, zero out-of-pocket, and tenacity to achieve a great outcome –but we think this is what WelGard® members can expect and certainly deserve.  Could you negotiate this $7,000+ repair on your own?

Case Study 5

No water is no joke

On April 1st, 2020 (no fooling!) at 2:30 PM, a Member from western Maryland called, upset that he had no water.  He was anxious that with his rural location, and his prior poor experience to get service people to his house, that WelGard would struggle to get someone out to solve his problem.

Confident that we could handle this challenge, we went to work to get his water back on.  With one of several service partners in that area, we arrived at his home before 6 PM, diagnosed his problem—he needed a new pressure tank– and got to work.  By 8 PM, with a new pressure tank, he was back in water, and his children were able to have their routine nightly baths.  He was astounded with the immediate response and said he will never worry about this again!

No water - no kidding

Case Study 6

When we realize – It’s NEVER a good time…

It was the President’s Day weekend in 2016 – the coldest weekend of the winter – and a WelGard member hesitated to call when she had no water on a Sunday Morning.  She was sure that, having this problem on a holiday, and on a Sunday, would surely require that she wait until Monday to get her well repaired.

So, she was resigned to simply “get on the schedule for Monday”.  As it turns out, she needed a new pump, and even though it was bitter cold, the WelGard crew investigated diagnosed the worn-out pump, which they replaced in the 15-degree cold. As she put it – it warmed her heart to see a service team care so much about her – as a WelGard Member.  Her faith in humanity was restored.  And WelGard provided her with a new pump for ZERO $ out of pocket, saving her $2,300.


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