June 7

Why being prepared paid off for this WelGard® Member

Why being prepared paid off for this WelGard® Member.

A realtor studied carefully the WelGard Protection Plan for his clients, who purchased a house in July 2017.  He particularly focused on the WelGard claims/repairs processes, the timing of repairs, and what was covered.  After several discussions with WelGard®, he was satisfied that he understood the Plan, and purchased WelGard for his real estate clients.    On January 3rd, 2018, the client (now homeowner) called WelGard to report that he was out of water.  The same day diagnosis indicated that (a) the pump had failed, and (b) the well had collapsed, making removal and replacement of the pump impossible.  A new well was required.

We arranged to drill a new well within a week, through access to an immediately available drilling rig/master well driller, and emergency application to the County for a replacement well permit.  Everyone made this move quickly and we met with the County health official who helped site the well, and drilling commenced.  Drilling a 600’ well, this WelGard Member was the proud owner of a new well producing 4 gallons per minute – a well better than the one that collapsed.  Not only was the member amazed at our speed, but he could not believe that he didn’t spend a nickel for any service, including a new well costing $15,000.  Not surprisingly, he remains a WelGard Member today, even though it’s years later.


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