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What is The WelGard® Protection Plan?

WelGard® provides a warranty for residential water wells, from the bottom of the well to the pressure tank in the basement. Set yourself up for no-hassle back-to-normal the next time it’s “Ack! No water!”  We answer the call when ANYTHING goes wrong, responding to you within hours, one day at the very most. We speedily repair or replace any components. Plus, we foot the bill for parts and labor, including the drilling of up to 2970’ of new well holes.

We offer WelGard® affiliates:

Earn a $100.00 commission on all clients that enroll as a result of the affiliates 30 day cookie

Monthly newsletter with updates on promotions, and sales opportunities

Clean, WELL regulated program

Dedicated program management

Please visit the Terms and Conditions page for the full terms and conditions of the WelGard® affiliates program

Full Affiliate Terms and Conditions