June 7

Focused On Resolution….and Not Costing a Nickel


A Member called us at 5:30 PM on a Friday evening in February, anxious that he suddenly had no water, We immediately focused on resolving his problem, and selected our team particularly because they had drilled the wells in this community. When the technician diagnosed the problem that same evening, he quickly realized that fixing the well was not going to work as usual. “Why” you ask?

Because the location of the wellhead was only accessible through a few neighbors’ yards.  So, at 2:00 AM on Saturday, we decided to return the next day to get permission from a neighbor and to make the repairs.   Since our Member was out of water, we arranged a temporary water supply for his family until repairs were complete.

After several failed attempts, we finally found a “Good Samaritan” late Monday afternoon who gave us access to our Member’s well. After providing the neighbor with many assurances, we immediately positioned our service truck as needed to replace the needed parts.  By 10:00 PM on Monday, our member was back in water again, and life returned to “normal”.

Some might say that this was “beyond the call of duty”—immediate response, zero out-of-pocket, and tenacity to achieve a great outcome –but we think this is what WelGard® members can expect and certainly deserve.  Could you negotiate this $7,000+ repair on your own?


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