No water is no joke

On April 1st, 2020 (no fooling!) at 2:30 PM, a Member from western Maryland called, upset that he had no water.  He was anxious that with his rural location, and his prior poor experience to get service people to his house, that WelGard would struggle to get someone out to solve his problem.

Confident that we could handle this challenge, we went to work to get his water back on.  With one of several service partners in that area, we arrived at his home before 6 PM, diagnosed his problem—he needed a new pressure tank– and got to work.  By 8 PM, with a new pressure tank, he was back in water, and his children were able to have their routine nightly baths.  He was astounded with the immediate response and said he will never worry about this again!

No water - no kidding


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