July 29

How do I avoid well water contamination?

There is a lot of peace of mind that comes from being off the grid of the municipal water supply. Contamination of the city water supply (e.g., Flint, Michigan) has far-reaching negative effects for thousands of people.

While it is true that a well owner operates “his/her own municipal water supply,” some common sense rules apply that can avoid disaster by preventing pollution in the first place.

Here are some tips:

  • Dispose of all household chemicals responsibly.
  • Never dump unknown materials in the yard.
  • Limit storage of volatile chemicals (including gasoline) when possible.
  • Be aware of lawn fertilizer usage – at high concentrations, these can negatively impact water quality over time (think – nitrates).
  • Vapors, as well as liquids, can affect water content, so keep the well sealed at all times.
  • Detectable cracks in the grout surrounding the wellhead and holes in the exposed casing should be repaired routinely and as soon as observed.  These are covered benefits of WelGard®.
  • Be diligent in inspection and maintenance of your well system.

Generally, in addition to the preventative measure noted above, well owners should have their water quality tested at least annually (per the Environmental Protection Agency).

Protect your family’s water supply with WelGard Protection. One low annual fee buys you 24/7 response if anything happens to your well. And we do mean anything. If you don’t already have The Best warranty for your well, learn more today. We got you covered.

The Well Worth It Blog is all about residential wells, why we love them, and how to keep yours healthy and flowing clean, drinkable water for you and your family.




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