July 2

What’s In Your Well?

What’s in Your Well and How Does It Work?

Many WelGard® customers come to (and stay with) us precisely because the average homeowner typically does not understand what’s in their well and how it works.

Even the most experienced “fixer uppers” and “do-it-yourselfers” don’t know what to do when the shower won’t sprinkle and the sprinkler won’t shower.

Each well is a unique eco-mechanical system, which includes both static, natural structures (borings, aquifers, etc.) and a plethora of man-made components. These interact and cooperate to provide water to your home. The extent and number of parts depends on the type of well, its depth, and the lateral distance from the well to the house. Some common man-made elements include: pump(s), valves, gauges, wiring, grounding, arrestors, connectors, adaptors, piping, casing, controllers, caps, screens, switches and the always popular “pitless adapter.”

In general, there are about three dozen individual key pieces that work with each other to provide your home with water.

When any one of these parts malfunctions or fails, the entire process is thrown out of sync, causing a sudden and inconvenient interruption of water, and more often than not, incurring a hefty price tag to fix it. The cost of repairs ranges from $1,300 to more than $5,000, depending on the severity of the failure/malfunction.

Failures can also be caused by variables we can’t control: constant, unnoticeable shifts in the rock formations beneath the ground, which divert water away from your well below ground. These changes are impossible to detect with the naked eye, and they give no warning of impending failure.

Add to this chaos the frustration of finding a qualified and trusted service professional, frequently when you’ve never before had to use or hire such expertise. This is when WelGard® can save the day.

Protect your family’s water supply with WelGard Protection. One low annual fee buys you 24/7 response if anything happens to your well. And we do mean anything. If you don’t already have The Best warranty for your well, learn more today. We got you covered.

The Well Worth It Blog is all about residential wells, why we love them, and how to keep yours healthy and flowing clean, drinkable water for you and your family.


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