June 12

When the well runs dry

True Story:  When the well runs dry?

WDTN News reported last week that a community of residents in rural Ohio are all suffering from dry wells.   Even though this occurred in “Bath” Township, residents there cannot take a bath; nor can they do their laundry, cook or do anything else with no water.

What would cause this to happen and could it happen to you?  No one knows why this happens, and the short answer is yes; it is possible and can happen to any homeowner that relies on private well water.  It is not uncommon for neighbors to share the same aquifer that supplies water to their homes.  Over pumping or heavy use at one home is just one reason that can certainly impact a neighboring home.

According to the Fairborn Herald and WTDN news, it is going to cost these homeowners more than $25,000 each to tap in to the city water line.    You can read more or watch the video coverage on this story at WDTN.com.

You maybe asking yourself if drilling a new well would be cheaper than tapping into the city line.  Likely yes, but again, there are no guarantees when it comes to drilling water wells. Each resident may have to drill several times, an expensive and uncertain endeavor which everyone struggles to afford when it happens.

How can we help?  WelGard® is the cost effective option for these residents, and all well owners faced with the same risks and dilemma, and would help them consider their best possible solution while paying to drill each WelGard® client their new wells.

As we often say it is not a matter of IF, but a matter WHEN your well will fail.  Don’t let well problem catch you off guard.  Protect your family with the WelGard Protection Plan.


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