March 6

Is it really magic?

Is it really magic?

We as WelGard professionals, are often told that what we do is “WelGard Magic”, but is it really magic?  It is true that we routinely do what many homeowners can’t.  Specifically, WelGard gets emergency well repairs fixed faster and with the least personal disruption than anyone else on Planet Earth.

We hear and appreciate the compliment “How did you do that?”  The “magic” is in the years of work and constant focus that it’s taken to develop the tools, knowledge, and most importantly the relationships, to reach the high levels of service we reach each and every day.

But making a well repair isn’t really magic, but rather it’s the result of many years of experience that we’ve gained. Replacing a pump or a pressure tank is largely a mechanical task. And diagnosing an unseen leak or faulty switch isn’t hard for our services pros. (But It is true that the speed of our response is exceptional.)

But what does make “WelGard Magic” is the seamless way the focus on our client emergency needs produces great results AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Nothing out of pocket, no hidden fees.

So we apologize if you’re NOT a WelGard client and you call in with a well out of water crisis. We may not be able to help, because we’re out doing “WelGard Magic”.

We’ve spoken with WelGard clients who said they haven’t had well problems in the 10 years they have enjoyed the membership with WelGard. When we researched their records, we showed 4 responses to out of water crises in that period. The client stated, “…well, I guess we just don’t have to worry about water problems anymore, and they sure aren’t problems for you guys [WelGard].”  You are outstanding to be able to deliver great results so fast.

How does WelGard do that? Indeed… it’s “WelGard Magic”!

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