March 17

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Well Water

WelGard® cares, and wants to respond to 2 questions resulting from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) concerns:

1.  Are WelGard® benefits still available in the event of my water emergency?

A.  The short answer is YES; at the present time, WelGard® service partners remain available 24/7/365 for well failures, during these unprecedented times.   For your benefit, we will respond but will be cautious in our interactions to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.  We are also loading up with antiseptic wipes and cleaners so that items are sanitized before we leave.


2.  Can I contract Coronavirus from my well water?

A.  It’s an understandable concern given that water is both ingested and touches our entire bodies.  And while we are NOT medical professionals, we want to provide credible responses to identify risks and increase awareness of the facts, as they are known today.  Based on conversations with senior Infectious Disease physicians at Johns Hopkins and other experts, they feel that the potential for infection by, the Coronavirus – strictly by the use of a properly functioning water well – is extremely low.  We are aware of no reported instances of the Coronavirus having originated from groundwater (or any water for that matter) as a source.


As you know, the Coronavirus is generally considered to be communicated human-to-human.  That is why preventive measures such as frequent hand washing, social distancing, and limitations on gatherings/crowds have been determined to be the most effective means to restrict the growth of this virus.


One caveat – we mentioned a “properly functioning well” – if your well has detectable amounts of bacteria, your well may have been breached by human or animal waste.  This can originate from your septic system or other deficiencies in the system allowing bacteria to enter the system.  This may increase your risk but is NOT a predictor of coronavirus in the water.  And no testing is available for coronavirus in water.  We are not aware of increased laboratory testing for bacteria.



Wells are extremely reliable and generally a safe source of water for millions of families across the US, and the world.  No concerns have been expressed in the national conversation regarding water consumption or usage – either municipal water supplies or groundwater. The best advice is to be safe, be cautious, be smart.  We can get through this together (…but at a safe distance).


Thanks for being with WelGard® – we continue to serve our Members; please know that you will be served and well-protected, as you have been for nearly 20 years.  If it is time for you well testing or inspection you can schedule that online now.


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