April 30

Why does my water have a “taste”?

Pure water has no taste.

It is not uncommon for clients to tell us their water tastes sweet or metallic or they have concerns about their family drinking well water. Truth be told, pure water has no taste, but water can obtain tastes from any substances it comes into contact with during its travel through the hydrologic cycle. These substances can be rocks, minerals, organic debris, anthropogenic (human-made) materials or waste products, air-borne particles (from snow and rain), and other sources of water that join and mix in an aquifer zone.

Various “tastes” come from various minerals, so to be safe, consult a trusted (preferably licensed) professional to diagnose and treat the water for maximum safety and protection.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests testing your water annually, with several local jurisdictions suggesting twice a year testing. Do not hesitate to call WelGard® for recommendations on licensed professionals in your area.

Protect your family’s water supply with WelGard Protection. One low annual fee buys you 24/7 response if anything happens to your well. And we do mean anything. If you don’t already have The Best warranty for your well, learn more today. We got you covered.




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